“There’s no substitute for honesty, ethics, fair chase, and experience.”

Pete is a fourth-generation Zimbabwean whose original forefathers migrated to present-day Zimbabwe from Europe after arriving in the Cape of South Africa in 1702. As a young boy, he grew up on a remote farm on the northeast side of Zimbabwe, near the Mozambique border, where tobacco, maize, and wheat were cultivated. The farm was also home to an array of wildlife, and a river full of fish ran through it.

From a very young age, Pete had a profound passion for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and conservation, as well as a love for dogs and wildlife. This passion has remained with him throughout his life.

As a boy, he aspired to become a National Parks Ranger, and he eventually joined the Game Department for seven years. However, due to the unfavorable political climate under Mugabe in the 1980s, he was forced to leave. He then spent two years managing wildlife in protective areas before embarking on a full-time professional hunting career with Hunters Safaris in 1988, which was then owned by Roger Whittall and Barrie Duckworth.

During his more than 20 years with Hunters Safaris, Pete hunted extensively throughout Zimbabwe and Mozambique. In 2009, he established his own safari company, focusing solely on the top hunting areas in Zimbabwe. He is committed to placing each of his clients in the most appropriate area for the species they desire and is unwilling to book hunts in mediocre areas.

Pete is highly regarded globally as a result of his integrity and ethical standards, as well as his prowess as a professional hunter. He always prioritizes the welfare of wildlife before his interests. He has a strong support system of other exceptional professional hunters and staff who share his high standards. Over many years of conducting hunting safaris, he has established an excellent reputation, resulting in a large clientele base. Approximately 80% of the hunts he conducts are with returning clients. Clients who book with Pete can be confident that they are in capable hands, as he guarantees their satisfaction.


Expansive hunting areas that offer exceptional value for money

Buffalo Hunting

The area in which Pete operates is considered one of the best for buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe, with an annual catch of up to 150 bulls.

Lion Hunting

Pete is considered to be fortunate in his hunting endeavors, as he has access to the finest area in Africa for wild and free-ranging lions.

Leopard Hunting

The region offers an exceptional opportunity for leopard hunting, boasting an impressive success rate of old and large males.

Elephant Hunting

Pete Fick Safaris offers a variety of options for elephant hunts in Zimbabwe, catering to the unique preferences of every client.

Conduct and Ethics

Zimbabwe is widely recognized for its expansive hunting areas that offer exceptional value for money, with most camps and locations being highly suitable for families. It is imperative that your Professional Hunter (PH) is a member of the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association (ZPGA), as all members are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics.

Although hunting is permissible throughout the year, the usual hunting season is between April and November. Most hunts involve spot and stalk techniques, although it is common for elephant and buffalo to be tracked. However, shooting from vehicles is strictly prohibited. In most areas, night hunting is also permitted.