For any hunt enquiries or bookings please email me direct on

Normal hunting season runs from April to mid November. However, hunts can be accommodated out of this period, during the rain season.

A hunt booked the year prior to safari commencing with a 50% deposit paid of that years daily rates by 31 March will retain same daily rate for the following year`s hunt. –i.e- A hunt for 2016 with a 50% deposit of 2015 daily rates paid before 31 March 2015 will retain the 2015 day rate. Any deposit after this date will be at 2016 daily rates. All trophy fees at the actual year hunt takes place.

A hunt booked will only be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit paid to Tracy Safari Adventures (TSA) in California. A deposit of 25% of daily rate required for a hunt booked 2 – 3 years ahead and a further 25% by 31 March of the year before hunt commencing. Balance of day rates to be paid to TSA at least 30 days prior to hunt commencing (otherwise the BVC will not honor such hunt.) Balance of safari (trophy fees etc.) to be wired to TSA within 7 days of completion of hunt. With all payments made to TSA please make a note with wire that it is for your hunt stating year, dates and type of hunt.

The only cash required for your safari are for gratuities ,vehicle transfers and possible shopping.

We cannot accept any form of credit card payment.

Cash can only be accepted for hunt payment in Zimbabwe if a valid cash declaration is made with customs upon arrival and requires such proof in paper form.

Observers may hunt species off the allocated bag at no extra daily rate charged.