Elephant – minimum 375 caliber but recommend calibers using 500 grain bullets, all solids.

Buffalo – minimum 375. Softs or solids depending on the situation on the ground.

Lion – minimum 338 but do recommend 375 or larger calibers such as 416. Softs only.

Leopard – minimum 7mm up to 375. Imperative to have a good scope as most leopard are taken during darkness.

Plains game – 7mm – 375.  We do not advise any rifles such as Weatherby – the average distance on shots on our plains game is approx. 90 yards, sometimes through some brush. A heavier, slower bullet is imperative.

Ammunition – highly recommend only the best, such as trophy bonded, swift A frame, Barnes X.

For the bird shooters shotgun ammunition may be arranged at  approx $20 per box of 25.