Plains Game Hunting

We offer an incredible variety of plains game species and up to 27 species may be taken on a single hunt. I cannot think of a better area for first time hunters to Africa and the camps and area are perfect for family groups. Where else can plains game hunters experience a top class first time hunt and at the same time experience the thrill of seeing the Big 5 ? On my last 10 day hunt we saw the Big 5 on 2 different days, all during daylight!

African game is very tough and suggested calibers from 7mm, 30.06, 300 Winchester mag, .338 to .375 recommended. Suggest .375 for eland. I do not suggest any ultra mag weapons with extra high velocities, such as Weatherby. Average distance shots are at 90 yards and heavier, slower bullets work better in case of shooting through brush. Only premium bullets recommended such as Trophy Bonded, Swift A Frame or Barnes X.

For the collectors night hunting is allowed for all the nocturnal species such as the small cats, honey badger, civet etc. Suggest a light caliber and AAA 3” shot shells for these critters.