Dangerous Game Hunting

BUFFALO – The BVC has a very healthy buffalo population in excess of 6 000 head and increasing annually. We are taking 120 bulls a year with about 40% of these being non-trophy bulls of 35” spread or less. Every year we take a large number of bulls in excess of 40” and these hunts usually run at 100% success rate. On one of my hunts during September we looked at over a 100 dagga boys in 9 days! We do not hunt any cows.

LION – Unquestionably the BVC offers the very best of wild lion hunting in Africa, with every trophy taken being of MGM quality. We currently hunt 13 male lion  a year and again success running pretty much at 100%. Please note these hunts are usually sold out a few years in advance due to the incredible and unbeatable success rate.

Although we have an overpopulation of lions (largest population in the country and second highest density, after Serengeti) we are presently not hunting any females – due to the present controversial issues surrounding lion hunting.

LEOPARD- The BVC is blessed with a very high population of leopards and years of research show that our male to female ratio is 2 females to 1 male throughout the area. We hunt 20 males each season and our success rate on large toms is probably the highest in Africa. Almost each year we win the prize for the largest leopard shot in the country. Again, these hunts are usually booked out a few years ahead.

ELEPHANT- We only hunt non trophy bulls of around 25 pounds of ivory per side. These hunts are very inexpensive and offers one all the excitement experienced with hunting these giants and the trophy is exportable in terms of CITES regulations.

RHINO – We have a very healthy population of both species, black and white but allow NO hunting of these prehistoric beasts. It is always a thrill seeing them in the wilds and almost every day you will get to see them in their natural environment.