Price list 2016

The BVC shareholders have agreed that 2017 rates will remain the same as 2016 prices for both day rates and trophy fees provided a 50% deposit of hunting day rates (not observers) has been received by 31 March 2016. Please note deposits after this date may incur an increase if 2017 rates are increased.

2016 Daily Rates - all prices quoted in USD  
Lion / Buffalo
(Lion 5 years +)
Lion / Double Buffalo203,40068,000
Buffalo/NT Elephant151,65024,750
Buffalo / Leopard151,87528,125
Buffalo / Sable141,67523,450
Buffalo / Nyala121,65019,800
Double Buffalo
1 Tr + 1 N/T
Non-trophy Buffalo (-35")71,4009,800
Non-trophy Elephant
(under 25 pounds
a side) Lone animals
NT Elephant/NT Buffalo121,75021,000
Leopard / Sable151,75026,250
Leopard / Nyala151,65024,750
Leopard 16" or 5 years +141,40019,600
Leopard/NT Buffalo151,75026,250
Sable/NT Buffalo121,65019,800
Nyala/NT Buffalo121,23514,820
Plains Game107007,000
Basic Plains Game-common species only55502,750
Extra hunting days may be added onto any safari at $ 700 per day.
All 2X1 safaris deduct $75/day/hunter.
Gemsbok is hunted on normal hunts but attracts a higher trophy fee. Non-export elephant, the tusks and hide may not be taken or exported. Any key specie upgrades will be 70% of daily rate plus trophy fee.
Agents/Observers / per day - 300Deduct 25/day for extra observers-sliding scale
Children under 10 years - FREE
Cameraman / per day - Foreign300
Cameraman / per day - Regional175
Cameraman / per day - Local120
Guiding / per day - maximum 6 people450/day
2016 Trophy fees - all prices quoted in USD
Baboon 100Impala (M) 400
Buffalo6000Jackal 250
N/T Buffalo less than 36"3,950Klipspringer 1,250
Bushbuck (Limpopo) 1,250Kudu 2,000
Bushpig 650Leopard 8,500
Caracal 1000Lion 47,000
Cheetah 6250Monkey 75
Civet Cat 650Nyala 4,500
Dove 2Porcupine 300
Duiker 400Sable (M) 6,500
Eland (Livingstone's)1,750Sandgrouse 5
Elephant (Non-export)
5,500Serval Cat 1,000
Elephant (Non-Trophy under 25 pounds)8,500Steenbok 800
Francolin 10Warthog 700
Gemsbok 7,000Waterbuck 2,100
Genet Cat 400Wildcat 350
Giraffe 1,650Wildebeest 950
Guinea Fowl 10Zebra 1,150
Honey Badger350
Hyena (Spotted)800
Hyena (Brown) 1,000
Impala (F)
or bait
Please note that trophy fees are only applicable is the animal is harvested or wounded.


We require a deposit being 50% of Total Daily Rates plus 2% ZTA Government Levy be paid to secure a booking, with the balance of Daily Rates to be transferred ninety days prior to hunt commencement.


1.  There shall be no refund on any deposit paid if a hunt is cancelled within six (6) months of the date of commencement of the Safari.

2.  In the event of a hunt being cancelled prior to six (6) months of the date of the Safari, then 50% of the deposit will be refundable.

3.  In the event the Safari is cancelled by the Safari Operator, or the area is closed to hunting or travel for any reason, prior to commencement of the safari, the client will receive a full refund.

4.  No refunds will be made if the client leaves the safari before the scheduled completion date.


Any transfers or direct deposits for the balance on any charges i.e. trophy fees, rifle hire, curios, staff gratuities etc. must be actioned within 1 week of safari completion.

NO personal cheques or credit cards will not be accepted as payment in Zimbabwe, cash is accepted if accompanied by a stamped ZIMRA form obtained on entry to Zimbabwe.


2% Zimbabwe Tourism Authority levy on daily rates.

2% Zimbabwe Tourism Authority levy on trophy fees.

2% National Parks levy on trophy fees.


All dip and pack will be handled by Collet’s Wildlife Artistry                                                                                                             


* A $200 deposit will be collected by the operator and deducted off the final C.W.A Invoice                                                                                                                      

* All orders are to be confirmed in writing                                                                             

* Shipping Charges are to be confirmed through the shipping company


USD $100 CITES tag each for Leopard/Elephant.

USD $1,500 National Parks Hunting Permit Fee for Cheetah and Gemsbok. (Please note that this may increase)


Hunt Contract – on acceptance of a quote and payment of the required deposit we will provide a hunt contract to be signed and returned. 

Indemnity Form – we require one Indemnity Form per person to be completed and returned prior to departure for Zimbabwe. This is a legal document so should be completed in full and legibly.

Client Fact Sheet – we will forward a copy of our Fact Sheet to be completed and returned.

Invitation Letter – will be provided as soon as completed Fact Sheet received with weapons and flight details included.